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Called to be Christ-Bearers
CTK-McLoughlin Center
Annie Karto
Reflections of the Holy Family
CTK-McLoughlin Center
2023 Bethany Retreat with Mary Healy
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Magnificat began October 7, 1981, encouraged by the late Bishop Stanley Ott and Archbishop Philip Hannan of the Archdiocese of New Orleans and is now an International Ministry spread across the world.

The late Archbishop Fulton Sheen stated that “woman is the measure of the level of our civilization”. The moral level of any society is formed by women. Woman’s influence is powerful – for good or for evil.  When a woman’s heart is captured by the Lord, she brings many to Him.  We have seen that the transformation of a woman in Christ has had an effect in families, parishes, and the work place.

With this focus, we welcome each of you to become a transformed woman in Christ!

Father Connor Penn-
Spiritual Advisor

Elaine Lee-

Mary Holfelder-
Assistant Coordinator

Winifer MacKinnon-

Kat Cooper-
Secretary and Communications